1.  Where are you located?

We are located outside, in the undercover parking of Westfield Carousel.  Our entrance is near Valet Parking and the main entrance to Kmart/Coles.


2.  What are your opening hours?

Monday to Friday

10am to 4pm (last booking is at 3pm)


10am to 6pm (last booking is at 5pm)


10am to 4:30pm (last booking is at 3:30pm)


11am to 4:30pm (last booking is at 3:30pm)


3.  What do I need to bring?

Socks, a bottle of water and snacks (must not have nuts). Children in nappies, please make sure that you provide us with spare nappies. Those who are in between, please pack them a change of clothes because as much as we encourage littlies to go to the toilet, they may be a bit shy or distracted during play.


4.  Do you allow outside food?

Absolutely, we recommend parents to pack their children snacks, especially if they are staying for more than one hour.  However, we only allow fruit and/or snacks that do not contain any traces of nuts.


5.  What if I forgot to bring food and drinks?

Not to worry, as we have water and light snacks to purchase.  


6.  Why do the kids have to wear socks?

We love these fuzzy foot friends because they prevent the spread of bacteria, blisters, cuts and cracking.  Socks also take the pressure off our joints and is a little cushion for when we may step on little play things like Lego or Barbie accessories.


7.  What is the ratio of adults to children?

We always have 2 adults on site to a maximum of 18 children.


8.  Are you a daycare?

Drop N Shop Creche is a non-educational facility without any government rebate.  We are a private retailer at Westfield Shopping Centre that aim to provide a child-minding facility to its shoppers.

Still have more questions?

We will get back to you within 24 hours!