Terms & Conditions


  1. Parents/guardians must remain in Westfield Carousel while the child/children is/are at Drop N Shop Creche.

  2. Drop N Shop Creche is a service for Westfield Carousel visitors only.

  3. Drop N Shop Creche is NOT an education provider.  It is a child-minding service only.

  4. Drop N Shop Creche is available for all children aged two (2) to twelve (12) years old.

  5. Bookings can be made for a minimum of one (1) hour, with fifteen (15) minutes increments thereafter, to a maximum of three (3) hours. 

    1. After one (1) hour session, thirty (30) minutes or one (1) hour booking may be made straight away via phone call or online booking.  After two (2) hours, booking can only increase per hourly.

    2. After a three (3) hours session, parent/guardian must collect their child, assess their child/children in the reception area, and they are able to re-book after a minimum of 5 minutes from end of previous session, provided that child/children are happy to return.

  6. Drop N Shop Creche may contact parent/guardian for any queries or issues that may arise, and parent/guardian must return to Drop N Shop Creche immediately when requested.

  7. Drop N Shop Creche and its staff will be indemnified against any claim relating to loss of personal belongings or damages arising out of personal injury to the child/children attending from any cause.

  8. Should an emergency arise within the centre, Drop N Shop Creche staff will assist the child/children to a safety muster point.

  9. A qualified First Aid Attendant may administer minor first aid to the child/children, should it be deemed necessary by Drop N Shop Creche staff.  Parents will be notified immediately after any first aid administered via phone call.

  10. Customers who are more than ten (10) minutes late to their booking will automatically forfeit their place.

  11. Drop N Shop Staff takes no responsibility if personal items are lost or stolen, therefore it is advised that money and items of value should not be brought by children during their booking.



  1. Upon arrival to drop off child/children, a parent/guardian is required to complete the Registration Form, read and sign the Terms & Conditions, and provide a current, original (not copy) valid photo identification (such as Drivers Licence or Passport).

  2. The owner of the same photo identification must present their ID and sign for the release of the child at the conclusion of the booking.

  3. The Registration Form must be completed by the parent/guardian.

  4. Details of the parent/guardian and children will NOT be released to a third party in accordance to Privacy Laws.

  5. Details of the parent/guardian and children will be placed on an Armband, to which will be worn by the child/children during their attendance at Drop N Shop Creche. 



  1. The same parent/guardian must collect their child/children.

  2. All children must be picked up from Drop N Shop Creche at the time the booking ends.

  3. Drop N Shop Creche staff will not let a child leave their care without sighting the same Photo upon registration.

  4. If the parent/guardian do not collect their child/children fifteen (15) minutes after the end of the session, further charges will be applied at thirty (30) minutes increments.

  5. If at the end of the session the child/children are not collected within fifteen (15) minutes, and we are unable to contact the parents/guardians, Drop N Shop staff reserve the rights to contact Westfield Centre Management.

  6. If at the end of the session the child/children are not collected within 30 minutes, and we are unable to contact the parents/guardians, Drop N Shop staff reserve the rights to contact WA Police.



  1. Only snack foods are allowed into the creche and it must not contain any nuts due to allergies. 

  2. Drop N Shop Creche will provide for purchase Australian-owned organic snacks, water and flavoured water.  Snacks provided will be high-allergen free (e.g. NO honey, nuts, egg, dairy).



  1. Parent/guardian must notify Drop N Shop Creche staff upon registration/drop off if a child has any special needs that we must be aware of, including but not limited to dietary requirements, allergies and/or medical conditions.

  2. As per the government regulations, it is required that every child attending Drop N Shop Creche must wear socks.  Socks are available for purchase at Reception

  3. Authorisation is given for Drop N Shop Creche staff to take my child/children to the toilet and/or change their nappy should the need arise, which is located within the Creche

  4. Parent/guardian reserve the right to refuse the assistance of Drop N Shop Creche staff to assist their child/children for nappy changes/going to the toilet, in which case Drop N Shop Creche staff will contact their parents should the need arise.

  5. Drop N Shop Creche Staff will contact parent/guardian if a child require changes of clothes if the need arises.

  6. Unless there is a medical emergency, medications will not be administered to any child.  Any child displaying symptoms of illness will not be accepted into the Drop N Shop Creche.

  7. If a child becomes ill or is unable to continue for any reason during the course of the booking, Drop N Shop Creche will contact the parent/guardian immediately to collect their child.

  8. If a child has been diagnosed at risk of asthma or anaphylaxis, the parent/guardian will be required to notify Drop N Shop Creche staff upon registration and provide the child’s medication and action plan.  All staff members on duty will be notified of the child’s needs.

  9. In the unlikely event of an emergency, all children will be evacuated according to Westfield Carousel’s Evacuation Plan.


BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT – Children must be aware of the following rules

  • Children are to stay within the Drop N Shop Creche facility at all times until they are collected by their parent/guardian.

  • Drop N Shop Staff will assist in nappy changing and/or going to the toilet located within the facility.

  • Children must never share their food and drink with other children in attendance.

  • Any incidents of inappropriate behaviour will be recorded and reported to parents/guardians and may result in exclusion from future participation at Drop N Shop Creche.

  • Bullying, violence, discrimination, disrespectful behaviour towards staff and other children in attendance will not be tolerated at Drop N Shop Creche.  If this occurs, the child will receive a verbal warning by the staff member in charge.  If it continues or worsens, the parent/guardian will be notified and child must be removed immediately.

  • Depending on the severity of the situation, Drop N Shop Creche may exclude the child/children long term.



1.  The Movie Length Creche Booking is a three (3) hour Creche booking in total. 

2.  Parent/guardian must drop off and collect their child/children within the 3-hour time period

3.  This booking is only applicable to movies under 160 minutes in length.